Keller Williams

Keller Williams will release yet another record, “Add” due out May 31st. Keller is just about as prolific a singer-songwriter that there is in our scene these days. As you’ll soon hear, Keller is always thinking about expanding his craft, and is constantly thinking about not only how he writes and performs his music, but also how it will be received. We shared a few laughs in this one, and I can tell you first hand, Keller is a super good guy, that is always super accommodating when we reach out. So given that he is such a prolific writer, I wondered how the songs came together for Add, and thats where our conversation started. For more on Keller including tour dates and other neat stuff visit

Show Notes:  

First Song: 00:55 – The Big One

Interview Begins: 05:13

Extro Song: 29:21 – Impeding The Hunt

  • 00:00
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