Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter will be releasing a new EP called Good mmornin’ due out July 26th, which is a series of covers of Mac Miller’s work. If you’re unfamiliar with Miller, he was a hip hop artist who past last September at the age of 26. He was prolific during his short life, but demons, including depression and drug abuse caught up to him. The juxtaposition of Rayland’s spirit and Miller’s work was kind of initially difficult to get my head around, but having heard the EP now several times, I’m not only a fan of what Rayland has created but now I want to explore even more of Mac Miller’s work. I can tell you the sincerity with which Rayland speaks about this project is undeniable on the work itself. Good mmornin’ is a very solid listen, and an absolute stunning tribute to Mac Miller. Though the EP is only out at the end of the month you can catch Rayland on the road where he may be performing some of these or other Mac Miller songs. For all the details or to order the EP visit raylandbaxter.com

Show Notes:  

First Song: 00:14 – 2009

Interview Begins: 05:31

Extro Song: 36:38 – Objects In The Mirror

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