Rooted in Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Soul but mostly Jam Band Music.

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Episode: 8 – Live 5 – February 20, 2019.

We have so much fun putting this show together each week. If you see a live show or listen to one, and hear something incredible, please reach out either on social media or leaving a message on our hotline at 628-643-2443! We’d love to hear from you and potentially include your song in our show. Remember, all of these songs and the shows they are taken from can be found at for download or on the app.

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:39 – Aqueous – 02-08-19 – What’s the Connection – Rose Music Hall, Columbia, Missouri

Second Song: 10:38 – Twiddle – 02-09-19 – Jamflowman – Pageant Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri

Third Song: 22:30 – Yonder Mountain String Band – 02-14-19 – Insult and an Elbow – The Social, Orlando, Florida

Fourth Song: 34:19 – Umphrey’s McGee – 02-15-19 – Fat Man in the Bathtub – Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, New York

Fifth Song: 41:46 – moe. 02-17-19 – 32 Things – The Strand, Providence, Rhode Island

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